Help Your Preschooler Get Ready to Read

Watching a child learn to read can feel miraculous. And for good reason: reading is an incredibly complex process that requires children to recognize shapes (letters), match these shapes with their corresponding sounds, combine these sounds into words, and then mentally pair these word with their definitions. Emerging […]

As Teens Push Away, What Can Parents Do To Support Them?

Originally published on MindShift on June 23, 2015. The teenage years are marked by paradoxes. Even as teens’ cognitive and problem-solving capacities are expanding, many adolescents experience declines in academic performance, coupled with an increase in behavioral and mental health concerns. Research shows that parental involvement helps stave off […]

Why It’s Imperative to Teach Empathy to Boys

Originally published in MindShift, an NPR blog that explores the future of learning. By Gayle Allen and Deborah Farmer Kris  When searching for toys for their kids at chain toy stores, parents typically encounter the following scenario: toy aisles are color-coded pink and blue. They shouldn’t bother looking […]